Rendering is converting information from a 3D model into a photo-realistic 2D image. We can do this using existing CAD data or starting from scratch for a new product. You will see such images on our website and social media. 3D renders are becoming increasingly popular with our clients, and here are a few reasons why:

Capturing the image with ease

3D Design & Render

The renders can be so realistic; sometimes, you must look closely to realise they aren’t photographs!

As we generate the images using the CAD data, you can eliminate the need to organize a traditional photoshoot in perfect conditions. All the trickier exterior and interior angles are covered as well. Once the file is set up, we can create renders from any viewing angle, which is much easier than retaking photographs each time you want a different angle.

The different angles give a greater interactive experience too. The images help bring the product to life in presentations or by showcasing a product online; we can even create renders of exploded views, making instructional literature more engaging.

Try before you buy

Bangle 3D Render

We can apply different colours and finishes to the render. Clients comment how helpful this is to help explain a concept. Visualising the final design before committing more time and money to the next manufacturing stage is a massive bonus. The software creating the renders is highly sophisticated, adding reflections and shading to make the render look as real as possible.


Here’s a brief case study explaining how 3D rendering helped our client take their new idea to market. And if you’d like to explore bringing your products to life with our design services. We’d love to hear from you.