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White Horse CAD is your Go-To Computer Aided Design service provider. We are experts in mechanical design and contract CAD and work with many industries. Combining our hands-on manufacturing experience, with cutting-edge technology allows us to deliver, inventive, creative, cost-effective design solutions.

Our driving passion is to help our clients design high-quality products that can be manufactured cost-effectively. We will work with you, from concept sketches to production-ready engineering drawings and beyond. All our services are in-house, giving our clients consistency and confidence in our ability to deliver high-quality design solutions and print requirements.

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SolidWorks DesignWhite Horse CAD are a mechanical engineering and product design company based in Wiltshire. 

We draw on expertise and knowledge gained from over thirty-five years in the field. This combines our hands-on manufacturing experience with the latest CAD technology. Making us you number one choice for high-quality designs. 

Our design work spans the full spectrum of industries including specialist clients from the medical, healthcare, agriculture, electrical and energy sectors.  

We work directly with our clients to develop designs for new products and to improve existing ones. Or if you find yourself in a position where parts are discontinued or you don’t have the original data, our Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning services provide CAD data for re-creating obsolete parts. 

Equipped with the latest version of our primary CAD software (SolidWorks), we provide technical drawings, 3D production files, photo-realistic renders, animations and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) reports. With our in-depth engineering knowledge and experience we assist our clients at any stage of the design process – from concept sketches and product visualisations and, animations for marketing purposes through to production ready engineering drawings. We explain product designs and provide effective solutions. 

Some examples of product and equipment design by White Horse CAD include; medical instruments, electronic enclosures, machinery parts, to name but a few. We offer guidance and advice throughout the design process including Finite Element Analysis (FEA). We also create physical prototypes using our own equipment including 3D printers. Our industry expertise and understanding of materials often extends into designing Tooling equipment required for product testing and manufacturing too. 

All of our 2D and 3D CAD services are in-house, giving our clients consistency and confidence in our ability to deliver projects. We can provide additional resource for teams or work on specific projects. Either way, we communicate clearly and ensure their Intellectual Property is protected, with written agreements and the secure storage and sharing of data. 

White Horse CAD aim to make sure all work not only fulfil the clients’ brief but also meets official quality standards. With a successful record of Patents to our name, we’re innovators ourselves so we understand the excitement, constraints, costs and processes involved with design. We’re as passionate about our clients work as we are about our own.  

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