Happy Friday!

As always, January feels like a long month. However, we’re pleased to report it’s been a productive one with a combination of ongoing projects and new ones coming to fruition.

3D Render of an Electronic Enclosure

We’re also delighted to share news of our latest service. Regardless of your industry, it can be challenging to get buy-in for your ideas or showcase your product quickly. Here’s where our 3D animation can come to the rescue! Animation is a cost-effective way to visualise a concept or clearly explain how something works.

How does it work?
Using either your existing CAD data or by creating new data, we can delve beyond the 2D images into complex assemblies. Our software creates photorealistic video that shows complex features and parts in motion. By applying different finishes and lighting effects, it’s a great marketing tool to help your products or concepts gain attention.

An additional benefit of using the animation is making interactive information for presentations, instruction manuals, and websites. You can show it from all angles, ideal if it’s a concept that’s not yet been made or if you have the product and want to avoid a traditional photography shoot. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look for yourself with our example.

Or alternatively, you can give us a call (01373 301308) or visit us in our office at Heywood House. With restrictions easing, it’s great to be back here on a regular basis. Whichever suits you best, we always welcome a conversation to discuss your design requirements and provide expertise on how we can achieve your goal.