We work with many industries and enjoy the variation this brings. We are proud of what we do and like to share our work when we can. Due to confidential agreements, we can only share a small amount of the projects we work on. Still, it’s worth showing how our mechanical engineering and product design expertise benefits our clients. It helps to bring concepts to life and shows how we come up with the best solutions.

Applying our expertise to various applications

For example, we’re currently updating a design to improve an enclosure to protect an electronic

device. We’re familiar with such requests, although this one is a little different as needed for racing yachts. We had clear deliverables with the brief nailed down, and the final design was soon agreed upon. The client could build their first production prototype within two days. Working together, we could deliver a timely and cost-effective solution for our client. To read the case study in full, please head to the White Horse CAD website.

What do you think? We hope you like what you see and gives some inspiration for your projects. To discuss your requirements, please get in touch – 01373 801 803.

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