DrawingsWelcome to this week’s blog, our first one for December and the festive season. If you’re thinking, all I want for Christmas is a reliable, creative CAD service, then look no further!

Like most things in life, we want to value and assure that we are getting the best for the investment of our time and money. It is the same for our clients when they contact us.

We are driven by delivering suitable solutions. We wrapped up November with:

👉 220 drawings
👉 400+ CAD models
👉 40 assemblies

As a result, we have seven happy clients. Some of those are returning; we have delivered on previous projects, and now we are their first choice for their engineering and CAD requirements.

For others, these are first-time projects, or we’ve picked them up to get them over the finish line. Each has different ideas, and experiences but ultimately the same goal; problems solved and effective designs created. That’s where we come in, and we are delighted to have recently received some very positive testimonials from them. We always strive to provide the best service possible and are confident we do, but it’s always lovely to hear it in the words of our clients.

Product Render using SolidWorks“Having spent many months with two other CAD designers on a new product concept, I was losing confidence in their ability to resolve manufacturing issues. 

I approached Tim at Whitehorse CAD to ascertain whether his company was up to the job. Within a few minutes, I realised I had made the right choice. Not only did Tim reassure me that all the outstanding issues could be solved relatively easily, but he also identified a bunch of other issues that previous designers had missed.

Once completed, he then liaised with the injection mould tool engineers to ensure everything would go smoothly in production. It is no exaggeration to say that without Tims’ input the final manufactured product would have been seriously inferior to the one he has delivered. When it comes to future product designs Tim will be our man!”
Stephen Allen | Planet Lighting Limited

Please head to our website for more testimonials and information on the expertise we provide. We’d love you to join our list of happy clients! To speak about your projects, please get in touch on 01373 801 803.