White Horse CAD will work with you to protect your Intellectual Property (IP). In our world, IP is usually ideas, designs, inventions, and products. A patent protects your IP and prevents others from creating an identical copy.

White Horse CAD has a successful record of generating high-quality illustrations required for patent and design rights applications. The illustrations are very specific and include multiple views to fully understand and protect the design. We also pre-empt what alterations others could use to get around the patent. We can work to develop initial concept sketches and prototypes and convert CAD files into the correct format for the IP process.

With our name on ten Patent records, we understand the importance of protecting IP and what’s involved in a successful application. White Horse CAD pride itself on providing professional, confidential services and can provide further assurance with Non-Disclosure Agreements.

The Intellectual Property Office provides information on IP and the application process.

Client Benefits

Cost-effective design solutions
Prices from £50 (+VAT) per hour
Per-minute billing for all contracts over 2 hours: You only pay for our time on your project!
100% Compatibility
SolidWorks Premium (any release from 2014 to the most recent version)
AutoCAD LT (Compatible with ALL AutoCAD product and all DWG and DXF files
Responsive Design Service
Reduce your design lead times
Get your products to market quicker