Client:                   Scitec Instruments Limited
Project:                 Case for 441 & 360C Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Case Study - 3D render of CAD model

Render of PCB cases for Scitec Limited

Customer Requirements

Scitec approached us to help design two enclosures for printed circuit boards (PCBs). The main design requirements were for the case to protect the PCBs and users from damage, whilst being cost-effective to manufacture. Users would need easy access to all of the sockets and ports. Where possible standard hardware was to be used to secure the PCBs and cases.

How we helped


The PCBs being housed were proven designs that had been in production for many years, so it was only fitting that they should form the basis of the enclosure designs. We created CAD models for each PCB, only adding as much detail as required to aid the case design.

Once the PCBs were modeled, we designed the two cases around them. The 360C case, with its small footprint made the case relatively tall for its size, which was a challenge. Our hands-on sheet metal experience was called on to help us design cases that could be manufactured without custom bending tools.

We also researched standard hardware to securely hold the PCB in the 441 cases, eliminating the need to add complex sheet metal features. The decals in the final render were taken from screenprint artwork created by Martin Barnes Creative.

  • Engineering Drawings (PDF)
    • Part Level
    • Assembly Level with full Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • 2D & 3D files for manufacture
    • 2D flat pattern (DXF) for each sheet metal part
    • 3D CAD data (STEP & Parasolid) for each sheet metal part
  • Selection of photorealistic renders (JPG)
Scitec Testimonial

“We have used White Horse CAD for several years now and the results always impress. Their communication skills and attention to detail are excellent and they are always willing to be flexible to our needs and time constraints.

Recently we have also made great use of their Product Design skills to produce brand new designs that we are taking to market. Tim’s knowledge of the engineering industries is impressive and he is a great source of advice, whether it be for the development of a product or recommendation of local manufacturers and contractors. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have worked with White Horse CAD and we will continue to do so for all our CAD and Product Design needs.”

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