If you need something a little more than the standard CAD service we have you covered. From Finite Element Analysis to photo-realistic product visualisations or product animations, White Horse CAD are here to help.

Finite Element Analysis

Our FEA service gives our clients confidence that their design is suitable for the intended purpose. This is especially important for products that will be subjected to high loads or need to conform to national or international design standards. Our FEA reports details assumptions, loads, materials and of course the results.

Product Visualisation

Our Visualisation services give you stunning photorealistic images or animations without having to have a part or assembly. This is ideal for pre-launch literature, website advertising or even instruction manuals. Another benefit of using our visualisation service is to see how your product would look with different surface finishes or different colours. It gives you the benefit of having lots of visual appearances of the same parts, without the expense of creating each one in real life.

Mechanical and Electrical Service Routing

Our mechanical and electrical routing service is really useful for visualising the location of ductwork, pipes and electrical services. This is of particular use to the building services and HVAC industries but is also useful for water treatment, wiring looms and switchgear cabinets

Client Benefits

Cost-effective design solutions
Per minute billing for all contracts over 2 hours: You only pay for the time we spend on your project!
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Verify safety requirements before making a prototype
Avoid costly product failures
Product Visualisation
Photo realistic renders of CAD model: Ideal for website, literature and technical publications
Product Animations: Ideal for assembly instructions.
Ideal for small, or difficult to photograph parts.
Mechanical & Electrical Services Routing
Verify services fit around exiting installations or building structure.
Optimised design process for speed and efficiency.Automatic routing of mechanical and electrical services.

See our video below for more information on our Premium CAD services or get in touch.

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