Our In – House 3D printing service produces high-quality 3D models in various materials including ABS, HiPS, PTG and PLA.
We can print small detailed parts or more significant, more robust parts. The 3D models can help with design validation and prototyping by bringing an idea to life. Depending on the complexity and size of the model, our 3D printing service can provide models within hours.

Client Benefits

Cost-effective 3D Prints
Prices starting from £25 (+VAT)
Scale models
Look and feel prototypes
Production Jigs + Tooling
Medium Definition Fused Definition Modelling (FDM) – 3D print service extrudes a plastic filament to build 3D models in layers. 
Large parts
Low Detail
Creates prototypes, tooling, and fixtures in many materials
Engineering Plastics
High Definition Stereo Lithography (SLA) – 3D prints by curing layers of a photosensitive liquid with UV light. 
Small batch production
Complex surface geometries
Very high detail or small functioning prototypes in many materials
Full In-House Service
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| Design | Analyse | Visualise | Animate |

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