White Horse CAD can convert your paper drawings, blueprints or even DXF files into 2D and 3D CAD. The transfer to electronic files gives your work excellent protection and efficient storage. Sharing of data between parties is also more straight forward. By transferring your data, there is no compromise on quality and we can create your parts to be made precisely as drawn.


Client Benefits

Cost-effective conversion
Greater storage space: Thousands of drawings on a single USB stick
Greater ability to maintain drawings (paper deteriorates over time and use) Quicker future design updates
3D Manufacturing data opens up options for new manufacturing processes
3D Print parts that are difficult to make
Eliminates problems caused by photocopying master drawings multiple times
Digital files allow for more straightforward sharing of high-quality data between multiple parties
Conversion to various industry-standard formats is available to fully optimise your data

New Products

It’s not just established drawings that White Horse CAD can help with. We can convert sketches or line drawings into 3D data and bring them to life. Once your files have been transferred to the electronic format of your choice, they are yours to distribute as you wish. On completion of the project, WHC will hand over all the generated electronic files.

    • Printable Documents: Drawings will be produced using a standard template. We are also happy to use either your drawing template or design one that suits your needs.
        • PDF
    • 2D data: Files that can be used to generate CNC code for everything from laser cutters to Electronic Discharge Machines (EDM)
        • DXF
        • DWG
    • 3D data files: Used to generate CNC code for complex 3D profiles or data for 3D printing (Rapid Prototyping).
        • Parasolid (x_t & x_b)
        • STEP
        • STL
        • And many others