With over 30 years experience in a variety of industry sectors, White Horse CAD Limited offers innovative product design solutions to meet your requirements. We are able to support many industries and have been instrumental in the design of a variety of products, some of which can be seen below…

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Although our expertise lies in orthopaedics, White Horse CAD have designed experience in many fields, including consumer products, production support, test fixtures and many others including…

  • Orthopaedic Implants
      • Hip.
      • Knee.

  • Orthopaedic Instruments
      • Impaction instruments i.e. introducers.
      • Single use instruments.
      • Implant delivery instrumentation.
      • Implant trials.
      • Lightweight instrument trays.
      • Instrument tray layouts and brackets.

  • Consumer Products
      • Laser cut giftware
      • Laser cut homeware
      • 3D printed products

  • Research & Development Testing
      • Test rigs
      • Fixtures

  • Sheet Metal Products
      • Surgical instrument trays
      • Enclosures for medical equipment (electronic)
      • High-Speed weighing machine (food products)
      • Machine safety guards (general engineering)

  • Manufacturing Services
      • Assembly fixtures (both for orthopaedic devices and general production).
      • Manufacturing fixtures.
      • Inspection fixtures.
      • Special purpose fixtures.

  • Specialist Consumer Products
      • Enclosures, stands and ancillary components for medical electronic devices.
      • Fixture free picture/mirror hanging device.

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