At White Horse CAD, we believe that design is a journey.

We have travelled the design journey many times and know the route well. If you need our help for the full journey or just need us to guide you around a few obstacles, our design expertise and manufacturing experience will keep you moving towards realising your design dreams.

Our design process is split into three stages: Create, Adapt, and Deliver. The slides on the right will help you to visualise the WHC design process and may help you pick out where you are in your design journey.

You may notice that the end of the design journey loops right back to the start of the process. This is because products, materials, and manufacturing processes constantly change, update, and evolve.

Once you have your first design in the marketplace, you may consider adding new products to your portfolio or perhaps make design changes to your new product to reduce cost or to answer customer feedback or feature requests. Design is indeed a journey, but think of it as a circular journey of continual improvement and iteration, where we always strive to create the best possible solutions for the most reasonable cost.

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