White Horse CAD is here to help you reach your product design goals. With over 30 years of engineering experience and a solid reputation for “On Time Delivery” we will support you every step of the way…

Support We will give Design Support to you, or your design team. Allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.



We will give you Intellectual Property Support. Helping you to identify thew best way to protect your new design.


Our Prototype Support will help you find a cost effective route to develop prototypes.



We have contacts all over the country who can offer Manufacturing Support. From trusted local engineers and fabricators through to injection moulders, sheet metal products, specialist springs and so much more.


If your product is already in production you may need out Engineering Drawing Support. Products rarely stay the same, things change.


If your product need to conform to ISO , ASTM or British Standards you are going to need our Testing Support. We will help you by designing test right that will help you validate your design against any standard.


Our Legacy Transfer Support is perfect if you already have a  product, but only have  it  on old, paper drawings for it. We can transfer your legacy data to CAD which could open up more cost effective manufacturing processes.


Our Tooling Support will help you create bespoke tools and jigs to streamline your manufacturing process.


This article shows you just some of the ways White Horse CAD can help you achieve your goals. If you would like to know more about how we can support your business please contact us.