Happy Friday.

Holidays are a hot topic of conversation at the moment. Liz has recently returned from a sunny stint in Devon, while Tim is on the countdown to jet off later in September.

Clients too are taking well-needed breaks and overdue holidays. It’s all good holiday vibes. However, it does make some clients more eager to progress projects before they put their ‘out of office’ on. We’ve all been there-it’s nice to put ticks on the ‘To Do’ list before a holiday to help clear the mind and work schedule.

However, If you’re running out of time and need CAD expertise to cover for holidays, fear not… as White Horse CAD is here to help. We can be the extension of your team when you need it. Whether your project requires a new design or analysis to improve an existing part, we have the expertise to create effective solutions.

As a reminder, we can work with any version of SolidWorks 2014 onwards. We also charge for all contracts over two hours by the minute, making us a cost-effective solution when staffing is reduced. Visit our website to learn more about our Contract CAD service.

So whether you need to get a project over the line or extra provision during the holiday season, please get in touch with your requirements.