If you need design support to help get your project over the line, White Horse CAD is here to help. We can fulfill several roles and have a successful record of helping design teams and individuals meet their product development deadlines.


White Horse CAD provides expert support when you need it

Scenario #1: So much to do, so little time!

The project deadline is looming, and the bulk of the design work is complete, but you are falling behind and need some support to create detailed assemblies or assembly and manufacturing drawings.

White Horse CAD will work with you to create assemblies and drawing to your company’s standard. We guarantee compatibility with your version of SolidWorks. Although we generally work in the latest version of SolidWorks, we are more than happy to work in earlier versions.


Scenario #2: Sanity Checking.

You have a product design but would like a review of it. There are many things to think about when developing a new product:

Does everything align as intended?
Do your tolerances stack up?
Do you have clashes in your models?
Do your mechanisms work as you intended?
Can your part be assembled?
Are there any difficult-to-manufacture features?

Fear not; we will logically work through such questions and provide answers to give confidence in your design and product. As per a recent client review, sanity checking is beneficial:

“His (Tim’s) ability to understand and interrogate designs has proven to be very useful and frequently provides alternative design & manufacturing options.”


Contact us and let's get your project completed

Contact us and let’s get your project completed

White Horse CAD is passionate about helping our clients create top-quality products. We draw on decades of experience. Not only will we review form, fit, and function, but we will also look at manufacturability and tolerance clashes.

So, if these scenarios are familiar or you want to avoid them, please get in touch with us. As a reminder, we support any stage of the design process, be it to develop a rough sketch for a new concept or help perfect an existing model.

Either way, a discussion is always a great starting point, so call White Horse CAD on 01373 801 803 to talk through the design support you need.