Let’s start with a few questions….

  • Do you design or make a product?
  • Do you need additional design capacity?
  • Would you like to employ a design engineer but think you will struggle to keep them busy full time?
  • Would you like to reduce manufacturing costs?
  • Do you have an occasional need for 2D or 3D CAD support?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above… read on as we’re confident White Horse CAD can provide you with a cost-effective design service.

Profitability and efficiency is understandably essential to our clients and their business. We can help to achieve this by providing the solution to the above questions. As experienced and independent design specialists, we will look at your designs with fresh eyes. We will question what is important and suggest new manufacturing techniques that could reduce your operating costs significantly. A client recently commented that after a conversation with us, he came away with more questions than answers but at that stage it was extremely helpful. It got him thinking differently and as a result was happier with the final product that was more efficient.

Another benefit is we can be the additional capacity to your team if they’ll stacked with work. So

rather than going through a lengthy process to recruit and the ongoing costs that come with permanent staff, we can do the extra work. You save you both time and money.

A reasonable design engineer commands a salary of around £35k per year. But their salary is just the tip of the iceberg. There is also the cost of hiring, employer NI contributions, holiday pay, sickness pay and any other benefits you may offer to attract the highest quality staff. The total cost of employing anyone is around 150% of their salary. So, this design engineer is going to cost your business at least £52.5k a year. Or if you break it down, around £27 an hour.

If you can keep this design engineer busy every hour of every day… you are going to get a pretty good return on your investment. But you may be surprised to learn that statistically most staff members are less than 50% efficient. If you factor in 50% productivity the cost

per productive hour is closer to £54 an hour… and that’s only if you have enough work to fill the persons day.

Our standard charge out rate is £40 per hour (+VAT). Compare this the to the £54 per hour a 50% efficient design engineer costs. Now factor in that White Horse CAD only charge you for the time we work on a project. From a client’s perspective this makes White Horse CAD 100% efficient.

Does this sound good? We always welcome a discussion about how we can work with you. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our services and the benefits we can bring to your business – 01373 801 803 or visit our website.

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