Protect your Intellectual Property

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Protecting your Intellectual Property

Protecting your Intellectual Property with drawings

Protecting you Intellectual Property (IP) can be an expensive task! Did you know…. White horse CAD limited can help you reduce your costs!

Most of the costs associated with protecting your IP are unavoidable legal expenses, but some are related to creating the required illustrations (mosaics), or drawings and presenting them in a format that is acceptable to your IP lawyers. We have been generating high quality patent and design right images for over 10 years. Our first hand knowledge of creating drawings for IP protection (click for more information) gives us a real edge to help our customers protect their own IP.

Using Drawings to Protect your IP

The two main way to protect IP are patents and designs rights. Both have their own benefits and pitfalls, but, both require some type of technical illustration. White Horse CAD Limited can help you protect your intellectual property. We will work with you to provide the illustrations needed to support you patent or design right application.

We understand the importance of protecting IP early in the development cycle. This means you may only have a few hand drawn sketches to support your application. White Horse CAD Limited can take these sketches and turn them into professional illustrations to support your application. If you already have CAD files for your product, we can take them and create the images you need in a format your IP lawyer will love.

You may be worried about divulging your IP to a third party and we fully understand that reluctance to work with contractors to produce these images. That is why White Horse CAD limited will never ask you for design details or specifics until we have a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place between us. The NDA process will of course add some time at the start of a project. But we can usually give clients a “Ball Park” price for work after a short conversation. We will of course need to know a lot more information to give you a full quotation. for more information on protecting your IP, take a look at the government website.

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