‘I have an idea for a new product but how do I start to protect it?’

This is a line from a recent conversation with a client.

First things, first. Why apply for a patent?
A patent is there to protect your Intellectual Property (IP). In our world, IP is usually ideas, designs, inventions, and products. A patent will protect your IP and prevents others from creating an identical copy of your own.

IP drawings

With over a decade of experience working on and achieving patents, White Horse CAD is best positioned to help this client. We know from experience, that IP lawyers are stringent on patent application details (of course rightly so). Their expertise comes with a cost and so it’s essential you get the right, high-quality drawings the first time around.

Following conversations and handover of initial sketches, we are turning these into professional illustrations to support the patent application. These drawings are very specific; they must protect the design. We pre-empt what alterations others could use to get around the patent.

Tim - Studying a drawings

Professional advice and drawings

Our mantra is every idea you can put into your patent applications is another layer of protection. And more layers will make it more difficult for someone else to overcome your design.

If you already have your CAD files, we can also convert these into images to help guarantee a successful application. To find out more about our design process, please head to our website or give us a call on 01373 801803.

Lastly, be assured that we will only ask for specific design details once a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is in place. This is another way of knowing your ideas are in safe hands with White Horse CAD. We pride ourselves on providing professional, confidential services. Our clients also highly value this as you can read for yourself on our testimonials page.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and making your idea a reality.