Welcome to this week’s blog.

We always say at White Horse CAD that no day is the same. The clients, the projects, and the requests all vary, and that’s how we like it!

The variety is no surprise given the range of industries we work with, including medical, healthcare, agriculture, electrical, and energy. Some clients schedule our services, while others need some last-minute CAD support. Whichever the situation, we always do our best to accommodate our clients’ requirements.

As much as we’d like to share details of our exciting work, our lips are sealed for many projects. Our Non- Disclosure Agreements with clients means we cannot reveal what we are doing. Protecting our client’s Intellectual Property is paramount to us, and our confidentiality is a testament to our work. You can read client reviews on the WHC website.

However, we can share insight into our current work without overstepping the mark.

Engineering Drawing

Here are a few things on our job sheet:

  • Providing manufacturing advice to move a project to the next level for an academic client
  • Designing bespoke packaging for specialist equipment
  • Producing 70 engineering drawings to bring a new product to fruition

Do you like the sound of these? Are these the kind of services your project could benefit from? If so, please get in touch to find out how White Horse CAD can support you through the design process. From concept sketches to prototyping, manufacturing, and packaging, our experience and expertise will benefit your project. As a starting point, here’s our website and we look forward to hearing from you.