Showing your products at their best.

Sometimes having an animated product helps portray complex movements or mechanisms.

White horse CAD Limited can create photorealistic images and animations allowing you to demonstrate your products to customers, either in a presentation or embedded in you website.

The animation below is a cam driven plunger with spring return, as you watch the video, notice how the spring compresses as the cam rotates, this touch or realism shows your product at its best. 

Having photo realistic renders of your products helps you and your customers visualise what the final product may look like. We can add a variety of materials, backgrounds and lighting scenarios to show your product at its best.

In this example we have used an oak base, with aluminium bearing blocks, a steel drive shaft with a bronze cam and a manganese bronze cam follower. All of the fasteners are steel and the spring is bronze (not the best spring material but we liked the contrast)

The animation video has been compressed to reduce loading time, the full file is much clearer, but at a little over 650Mb is was a little to large to demonstrate here.