We’re happy to share news of the latest piece of kit to join our armory. We welcome a high-spec computer specifically for upgrading rendering and animations.

3D Design & Render

Why the excitement about this service development?

Renders and animations are brilliant visual tools for explaining concepts and products. You can delve beyond the standard CAD drawings into complex assemblies. A variety of different materials finishes, and lighting scenarios can be applied to the product. This means you can see the options before deciding on the final design, saving you time and money into creating the ‘real’ thing.

Animations can take explaining a product to a whole another level! Engage your consumers or stakeholders with animation that shows your product from all angles. It brings products to life by showing parts in motion.

So far clients are seeing the benefits of animations in instruction manuals, presentations, and on websites. It helps to explain concepts, prompts discussion, and gains attention. And given it’s online, the animation can be more accessible. You could be sharing the animation with potential investors or colleagues who work remotely. Animation gives the option to reach more people more quickly than meeting with a physical product.

White Horse CAD’s office

So overall, our rendering and animation services are a great way to explain a concept or take an existing product further. The extra details take time to configure, many hours at a time. That’s why we’re delighted to now have a new dedicated computer for this work. It means we can turn around your render and animation requests more quickly.

To find out more about these premium services please head to our website. Or call us on 01373 801803 to discuss your requirements.