Client:                   Ashtree Marine Limited
Project:                Design & 3D Print Enclosure

Finished Rockit Server

Finished Rockit Server

Customer Requirements

Ashtree Marine Limited asked us to help them design and 3D print an enclosure for their novel electronic device.

How we helped

White Horse CAD designed a 3D printable enclosure that housed the electronic components and connectors required to turn the product from a desk-top prototype to a final product. Our in-house 3D print service reduced the project timeline considerably. We set a print to run less than an hour after the design was approved. Two days later, Ashtree Marine was able to build their first production prototype.

  • 3D Print files from CAD data
  • 3D printed enclosures and brackets
  • Top-level engineering drawing of the assembly with key dimensions
Ashtree Marine Testimonial

“Ashtree Marine has worked with Tim to develop a prototype Rockit Server.

Rockit is our analytics package for monitoring the performance of sailing boats. We have developed the software over a number of years but at the beginning of 2020 were looking to build a device that we could use to ease the deployment of the software to our customers.  After experimenting we some very basic 3D printed models we came to the conclusion we needed some expert help!

Tim was recommended to us by a networking connection.

After initial conversations around our requirements, Tim created a 3D CAD model of the electronic components we wanted to include in the product and a case that could be 3D printed to contain them. Once we agreed on the design, Tim 3D printed a version 0.1 case that we could use to test the theory. We revised the design and used an updated 3D-printed case for an extended test. With the test completed, we came back to Tim for some final modifications incorporating the lessons we had learned over the intervening 12 months.

The product, as it stands, passed EMC testing to EN 60945 and will be undergoing IP test over the next couple of months. Without Tim’s help, I would probably still be swearing at the 3D printer.”

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