While at a networking event, someone asked me who White Horse CAD’s “Ideal Clients” were? My reply …

“We have two main client types… Firstly, companies or individuals who want to get a new product to market. Secondly, companies who require CAD or project management support, such as engineering companies and manufacturing companies”.

When I got back to the office, I started to think. “Is that the extent of clients White Horse CAD can help”? So, I’ve written a list of everyone I thought could benefit from our services. I also added ways we could help those clients.

Here is list of customers that we often work with:


  • Prototype Design, 3D Visualisation, 3D printed prototypes, Manufacturing Guidance, IP Guidance, Engineering Drawings, Design Reviews, Design Analysis.

Engineering Companies

  • Tool and Gauge Design, Transfer of 2D drawings to CAD for CAM. Drawing Office support, Fixture Design, 3D printing.

Fabrication Companies

  • Fixture Design, Weldment cut lists, Design Analysis, Drawing Office Support.

Sheet Metal companies

  • Fixture Design, Weldment cut lists, Design Analysis, Drawing Office Support, Flat Pattern Development.

Companies that manufacture their products
Design Updates, Drawing office support (to fill a short-term staff shortage gap), Engineering Drawings, Fixture Design, Tooling Design, Gauge Design. Image files for assembly instructions.

Here’s our list of potential clients and how we could help them benefit from our services:

Any Company with premises

  • Office and workshop Layouts, Fire Escape Routes, Site Plans.

Patent Attorneys

  • Drawings for IP protection.


  • Product drawings, profile drawings for mass produced items, jigs, and fixtures, 3D printed jigs and fixtures (drill jigs, holding jigs etc.), and Design support.


  • Site layouts, top-level circuit diagram, Switch plate design, electrical cabinet design.


  • Site layouts, top-level pipework diagrams.


  • Site Layouts.

Car restorers (Garages and Enthusiasts)

  • Reverse engineering of no longer available components, Custom part design, transfer of paper drawings to CAD.


  • New product visualisation, Manufacturing drawings, Laser cutting data, 3D printed parts, Product Display Stands.


  • Product visualisation, Manufacturing drawings, 3D Printed prototypes.

Model Engineers

  • Transfer of old drawings to CAD, 3D printing, 3D CAD for CAM, Design analysis, Design Changes.

Shop Owners / Business Owners

  • Point of Sale display stands, Packaging, Bespoke Promotional Items.

Furniture Restorers 

  • Data for re-manufacture of complex parts, templates, 3D printed parts, 3D Visualisation.

Picture Framers
Frame design, irregular patterns, 3D Visualisation

IT Service Providers

  • Server racks, Bespoke Computer Cases, Cooling equipment.

I know this list of clients and services is not exhaustive. But it gives an idea of the diverse range of clients White Horse CAD can offer services to. If you are not on the list and think we could help you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.