Sometimes White Horse CAD partners with businesses to support clients with services outside our area of expertise.

We have worked closely with Aurora Medical Ltd on numerous projects. They use their engineering expertise to find solutions to complex engineering problems. Aurora’s Managing Director, Dr Andy Taylor has experience and expertise in industries as diverse as Aerospace and Orthopaedic Devices.

One of the services Aurora offer is Mechanical Testing, using a servo hydraulic test machine. We asked Dr Taylor to give an overview of the services Aurora Medical offer…

Our testing service is dynamic and unique, with a testing configuration designed to meet your product verification testing. The center of the testing equipment is a Servo hydraulic, mechanical test machine for static and dynamic loading with a capacity up to 15kN with an extensive set of fixtures, grips, and loading jigs for bending, shear, fracture, tensile, and compression tests. The machine can record data directly from the machine load and extensometer.

White Horse CAD, in partnership with Aurora Medical, can help various industries realise complex design requirements. We can also devise test scenarios and design fixtures processes to fulfill the requirements of British, ISO, and ASTM Standards.

If you want to know more about the services Aurora Medical offers, please visit their website. Please mention White Horse CAD if you contact them.

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