Photo by TexasDex

This Friday, we’re sharing a fact about size and weight. Do you know the first programmable computer invented in 1945 weighed 27200Kg? It’s a far cry from the lightweight device we’re accustomed to. With approximately 5,000,00 hand-soldered joints, its size was necessary to home all the components and for the computer to function. Alas, it was not the most reliable computer in the world, with repairs every other day.

Why this fact? Understanding size and weight are at the core of our work. This week we’re using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to develop a component. With time being of the essence, our FEA reports detail our assumptions, loads, and materials, and indicate the product’s strength. From this data and CAD drawings, developing a prototype can begin. The knowledge gives confidence that the design is suitable for the intended purpose. Corrections can be made in the design and testing stage, which is always better than the costly production stage.

FEA Analysis of a frame

FEA plays a key role in the reliability of a product. As with the first computer, reliably can compromise what great products and inventions are. We know how crucial reliability is to our clients. Therefore we strive to achieve this in all of our work and our service. Look at our website for more information – you may recognise a familiar face in the brief video explaining what we do! Or a call is always welcome on 01373 301308.