Animations and renders can demonstrate key design aspects, complex motions, and design detail.

Making products look good can sometimes be difficult. Especially when they are game-changing designs that are difficult to explain. Articulating how an assembly of components interacts with stakeholders without the aid of visual cues can be really challenging. Even to the most articulate of presenters. Imagine describing the components and actions of this simple engine to a stakeholder without the aid of images and video.

White Horse CAD Limited can help by creating stunning visuals of your new products before they even get to the prototype stage. These visuals can help you to demonstrate key design aspects, complex motions, and design detail to stakeholders.

Having great visuals not only makes your project stand out. They also allow stakeholders to visualise the possibilities of your new product and help them make confident,  informed decisions.  Those decisions could help you progress the project to the next level of investment. Giving stakeholders high-quality images and animations improves the chances of securing further investment. Which will ultimately help you realise your new product ambition.

White Horse CAD Limited does not just create great designs, we create photo-realistic visuals and animation to help your stakeholders make the right decisions at the right time.

Product animations can be used to demonstrate many types of mechanisms and scenarios. The YouTube video below does not do any justice to the high-quality output we can achieve. The full quality AVI file (Windows Media Player) can be downloaded >>>>>HERE<<<<<

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