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We are inspired by an everyday item for this week’s Friday Fact. Can you guess what it is from these clues?

  1. This item has many practical uses on earth and in space.
  2. It was invented by a Swiss electrical engineer named George de Mestral.
  3. It was inspired on a walk when burdock seeds stuck to his coat and his dog’s fur.

    The answer (clue no.3 was a giveaway!) is the first hook and loop fastener Velcro ®. Born from an everyday encounter, we admire the curiosity and innovation for developing something useful.

    De Mestral must have had an inkling that he was onto a potential winner as he protected his idea with a patent. Skipping forward sixty-plus years and the importance of protecting ideas or Intellectual Property (IP) is still paramount. This week’s fact sparked an interesting conversation in our virtual office. What type of protection is appropriate? What are the pros and cons for these? Competition, cost, and scale were all things mentioned and a timely reminder that we’re here to help.

    Illustration for a patent application

    From experience, we know IP protection applications can be lengthy and costly. However, we ease the part in the patent and design rights process with our high-quality technical drawings. We have a highly successful track record – from an initial sketch or CAD files, we can take them and create the images in the correct format for the IP process. Don’t forget, we also give our clients assurance that their information is safe with a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We’re innovative thinkers, problem solvers, and in the last decade or so, our managing director Tim has been named as the sole or joint inventor in six patents. Have a look at our website to read a little about us.

    Could your concept be the next Patent or Design Rights to join our record or lead the market?

    Like De Mestral, perhaps you will take inspiration from an everyday activity – plenty of walking to be done at the moment, after all! Or perhaps you have a product in mind and need help to take it further. Either way, we always welcome a call, so please get in touch for a conversation and let’s see where it takes us.