Using the latest software, WHC can create effective 3D prototypes

So you’ve progressed your idea and now have the engineering drawings. But how can you better explain the product before manufacturing? How can you check the fit, form, and function is as intended? This is a common scenario and one we can confidently help with.

Queue ‘the prototype’ –  an early replica model enabling testing and evaluation of a product.  Conventional prototype manufacturing can be time-consuming and expensive. A more effective way to create a prototype can be done using our 3D printer. We use the CAD data to print a 3D model to help demonstrate the strengths or weaknesses of the components. As well as providing a visual aid, the 3D model gives the opportunity to test the ergonomics. With a genuine replica in hand, you can answer the questions like;

“Is it comfortable to hold?”

“Can I reach the button easily?”

Or “Does the mechanism work as intended?”

This type of feedback can be essential to the success of your design and final product. From our experience of over 30 years, some of the best design suggestions and realisations come from people having products in their hands. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help with product development and prototypes please get in touch. You can also read about and see examples of 3D Printing on the White Horse CAD website.