White Horse CAD can solve your capacity problems

Everyone needs a little help from time to time. White Horse CAD is here to turn all your design, development, and project management hassles into solutions.

Companies large and small delay projects or product design updates because their own teams are busy on higher priority activities. Or sometimes there is not sufficient forward load or resources to justify employing a new start.

White Horse CAD Limited can help you fulfill your long or short-term product development commitments. We can either fill short-term gaps in your team or take on design projects outside of your current team’s areas of expertise.

With over 15years of experience in the design and development field, we will work with you to deliver your new products, rigs, jigs, fixtures, or drawing update. We deliver on time and within budget.

Over the past few years, we have worked on a variety of projects requiring a diverse set of skills, these include:

  • Creating complex design table-driven multi-body parts to develop a range of components with multiple configurations
  • Using our extensive manufacturing knowledge to develop new products and design updates that can be manufactured cost-effectively
  • Designing injection moulded components, including enclosures and mechanical components.
  • Producing sheet metal components, flat patterns, and full assembly drawings of complex instrument cases and simple 2D shapes.
  • Creating production-ready engineering drawings that have been detailed with the needs of the manufacturing engineers in mind.
  • Working with multi-industry project partners from all over continental Europe to create innovative products.

If you have a design or development requirement, give White Horse CAD Limited a call. Let us help you turn your product development problems into innovative design solutions.