White Horse CAD was born from a passion to deliver high-quality design services to various industries. Our vision then and continues to be the South West’s go-to contract CAD mechanical design service. And we are achieving that vision, working on multiple projects. Here’s a little insight into the work we are doing:


  • We’re helping a client in Sussex to solve design problems on a medical device. Following an initial meeting at their office, we’re continuing to use the powers of Zoom for regular discussions. We’re able to keep the client to date on developments and forge on with the resolution.


  • A client from Dorset who makes fans requires our support to complete a design. This follows the unexpected departure of their in-house designer. Using SolidWorks we are able to pick up the drawings to date and continue working on them, much to the relief of the client whose deadline is looming.


  • We’re working on equipment designs for a client in the energy sector. They are in Hampshire and require ongoing CAD support from us as their small team is over-stretched.


  • Closer to home, our Wiltshire client requires support for their manufacturing team. The aim is to reduce time and money spent on production. This is means re-configuring one of the business-critical products and we’re on track to achieve this outcome.


So there’s our week in a nutshell! If you’d like to find out more about our services please visit www.whitehorsecad.com

Equally, we’re always happy to have a call to talk through your projects and the expertise we can bring to get these completed. We look forward to hearing from you – 01373 801803.

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