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Utilising SolidWorks for design

This week is all about drawings. These are for a new part measuring 1m in length to form a larger assembly. So far, we’ve created 90 drawing views. This amount of drawings means we can ensure every feature is defined effectively.

The drawings are created using SolidWorks and are accessible for the client to read. As a reminder, we can work with any version from 2014 onwards. You can see how this works in a sped-up drawings video on the White Horse CAD website.

The client knows exactly what they require for this product, and we’ve discussed a clear brief. On completion of the drawings, the client will take these straight to the manufacturer to make and assemble the part.

Our clients come to us with an initial concept or problems to solve in other cases. Then we can use our design expertise to create a viable product. As an example, we’re also working on a fractured bone model.

Alongside the detailed drawings, our 3D printer has been in action to create a replica of the model. We’ve even spray-painted parts to give it a realistic finish. So now the client will have the technical drawings and the replica, to-scale model to explain the concept to their peers. Seeing and touching a model is a great selling tool and brings the idea to life.

3D printer

Our 3D printer is in-house and print using High Definition Stereo Lithography (SLA) and Medium Definition Fused Definition Modelling (FDM). These give us a range of options for printing, from intricate, complex parts to less detailed models. Various colours & finishes are also available. To find out more, please visit our website.

Or please get in touch on 01373 801 803 to discuss your ideas. Whether you know exactly what you require or have an idea you want to explore further, we are your first-choice design partner.