For this week’s blog, we’re focusing on existing parts. Designs evolve to meet the needs of our clients and consumers. We provide the expertise and experience to make this happen. This is just one of the reasons our clients return to us.

Our recent work involves making design changes to existing consumer products. The aim is to meet new specifications to improve the design. For example, this could be to add a new feature or to improve the product’s usability. The design changes refresh the product and give it a greater market position. Using the latest version of SolidWorks, we take the client’s original CAD data and modify it to meet the new brief. As a reminder, we can work with versions of the software dating back to 2014, which is always helpful when working on existing products.

3D Printer

We’re also working on an exciting project for an automotive product. For this, design changes are needed to make the manufacturing of the piece more cost-effective. We’ve got the existing part and have can reverse engineer it. We can then 3D print the part in durable plastic that perfectly fits the purpose. This method gives the client a cheaper alternative to specialist, more costly tooling. Our 3D printers can print very small detailed, or more robust parts. You can learn more about our 3D Printing Service on our website.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out how we can add value to your projects and improve your existing design. We look forward to hearing from you.