What makes White Horse CAD stand out from the crowd? We think it’s our ability to turn new product ideas into working prototypes quicker than some suppliers can deliver a basic conceptualisation.

  • We take your design inputs and create production-ready designs on time and on budget.
  • Manufacturing consideration from the start of the design process.
  • In-House 3D printing capacity.
  • Manufacturing advice is available upon request.
  • Over 10 Years HANDS ON manufacturing experience
  • Over 15 years of product design and development experience
  • We have a reputation for innovation (named on 5 patent applications)

This expertise gives us a real advantage over our competitors. Lets looks at the business card holder as an example…

We knew from the outset that the item was going to be 3D printed. We also knew the size of business cards we wanted to use and the minimum number we wanted to fit into the holder. When we had the basic design fleshed out it was clear that printing the card holder as a single part was going to be challenging. So the part was split into 2 halves to allow printing with only minimal support material.

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The design of the card holder took less than two hours, and 3D printing took six hours. We then spent an hour assembling, sanding, and testing the new product.. So in less than 12 hours we…

  • Conceptualised the new product
  • Designed all 3 components, bearing in mind the limitations of the manufacturing method chosen.
  • 3D printed the components
  • Assembled and tested the prototype.

We even managed to take a short video of the business card holder in use… (please contact us below if you would like to print your own)

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This may have been a simple little project, but we think it demonstrates WHY White Horse CAD Limited stand out from the crowd. We understand manufacturing, and will only design something if we can assign a manufacturing process to it. We will also point out where customer requirements could lead to manufacturing challenges, which may increase the cost of the final product. This allows our clients to take control of their production costs at the outset.

White Horse CAD also understands the importance of creating cost-effective prototypes. Sometimes the final manufacturing process needs to be considered throughout the design, but the first prototype will be designed for lower volume production methods. For example, if the final product is to be stamped or moulded, investment in tooling at the prototype stage may not be cost-effective. This is where White Horse CAD draws on our manufacturing expertise to create prototypes that can be manufactured cost-effectively, whilst keeping the final cost-effective manufacturing goal in mind.