A busy month here at White Horse. Our latest recruit Luke is making a great start working on projects. In between holidays, we’ve had 20 new projects come on board, completed 18, and have more ongoing. It’s a really exciting time for the business, and we enjoy the varied work.

Regarding what we’re working on, there are designs for medical devices and kitchen utensils. There are also cost-effective packaging solutions so our client can dispatch their orders quickly, which is essential in a demanding market. We’re also providing engineering support to a client in the energy sector to help them get their product to manufacturing without delay.

Render of an Electronic Enclosure

Alongside the 3D design work, we’re doing renders and animations for consumer, medical and energy products. Renders and animations are brilliant visual tools for explaining concepts and products. The animation shows movement by the concept to life. To see for yourself, have a look at our Wobler Engine Animation.

And you can delve beyond the standard CAD drawings into complex assemblies to help understand the inner workings. Various materials, finishes, and lighting scenarios can be applied to the product. This means you can see the options before deciding on the final design, saving you time and money in creating the ‘real’ thing.

Hopefully, this gives a little taster of some of the work we do at White Horse CAD. Please head to our website to learn about 2D & 3D Design Services. Or get in touch as we’re always happy to discuss your requirements and how our expertise can help you achieve these.