Providing cost-effective solutions is often high on our client’s priorities when discussing their design requirements. And this week has been no different. Here’s a prime example of how White Horse CAD can fulfill such a request using our CAD knowledge and expertise.

The client provided a complex welded assembly containing 36 individual components. Using SolidWorks, WHC has converted this to 11 sheet metal components. The client will use the 3D model of the refined design to clearly demonstrate to their clients how manufacturing is more cost-effective.

Sheet metal design

The design reduces the welding requirement by around 90% and will use approximately 90% less material. The manufacturer can use existing steel that’s in stock, rather than ordering new materials. This combination will also reduce the lead time by up to three months. When time and cost are of the essence, I think you’ll agree the benefits of the new design are highly


If you are looking for cost-effective designs, please take a look at the White Horse CAD website or ring 01373 801 803. We are always happy to discuss requirements and provide high-quality designs.