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Here we are in May, and we hope everyone has enjoyed the recent bank holidays. We are delighted to see clients returning with new projects and have welcomed new clients for whom we provide extra design capacity during a busy period. Here’s some insight into some of our recent work:

  • 3D rendered images for pharmaceutical clients to showcase their products on a new website
  • Help to specify a new consumer product
  • Supply of a prototype print for a local engineering company
  • Provided concepts for bespoke public seating area
  • Designs for bespoke medical products.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any forthcoming projects.

Rules for creating CAD models

Whether you’re designing a product, a machine, or a building, the success of your project will depend mainly on the quality of your CAD models. White Horse CAD uses SolidWorks to create complex 3D models for various applications. We firmly believe there are three critical aspects to creating great CAD models: 

1. design intent

2. design intent

3. design intent

Some people say ‘New York’ is so good they named it twice. We’ve gone one better! So, what exactly is design intent, and why is it so critical to the success of your CAD models? Simply put, the design intent is a set of rules and parameters that govern the behaviour of your model. It includes dimensions, relationships, and constraints, allowing your model to behave predictably and consistently across different contexts. 

Our belief is that design intent is so important it forms the three most important rules for creating CAD models:

Accurate and precise models
By defining the design intent of your model, you can ensure that it meets the necessary specifications and requirements, including size, shape, and functionality. Design Intent is critical for ensuring that your model will perform as intended. 

Flexible and adaptable models
When you design with intent, you create a model that can be easily modified and adjusted. The relationships and constraints built into the CAD model will remain intact as the design evolves, giving you a robust CAD model that is easier to modify in response to client feedback or changes in requirements. 

Communicate your design to others
Creating a model with clear design intent makes it easier for others to understand and work with your design; this includes everyone from team members to manufacturers and suppliers. By defining your model’s key parameters and relationships, you can guarantee everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. 

White Horse CAD believes design intent is critical to creating CAD models in SolidWorks. By defining the rules and parameters that govern your model, we can ensure it’s accurate, flexible, and easy to communicate to others. So, the next time you need to create a new CAD model, remember the three most important rules: design intent, design intent, and design intent.  

Inhouse adaptions

Digital caliper attachment

Agreements allowing; it’s usually our work for clients that we share. However, we thought we’d share insight from a recent internal job completed by WHC’s Luke. If you’ve ever tried to measure foam, you will know it’s a headache! Accuracy is fundamental to our design work, so we must overcome this issue. Luke designed digital caliper attachments to simplify measuring foam packaging. Using the CAD, we’ve 3D printed the attachments in the office. Job done!

A simple, yet effective way of adapting established equipment to improve it for a particular purpose. Let us know if you need adaptions, and we’ll be sure to come up with the goods!

Finding out our services is now even easier with our updated homepage. Take a look…

Westbury Soapbox Derby and Engineering Fair

Soapbox Derby 2022

The countdown is on for the Soapbox Derby at the iconic Westbury White Horse. On Saturday 20th May, you can watch the teams make their bid to conquer one of the most challenging courses in the UK. There’s also an engineering fair with STEM exhibitions, food and entertainment.

For more info take a look at the Soapbox website




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