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Miniature 3D Print

And just like that, it’s Friday again! And our SLA 3D printer is in full action, from minute plastic fittings to fantasy figurines! The breadth and intricate detail we create with the printer are astounding. I enjoy the variety of designs we work with, and we’re always ready to welcome new ideas. Please look at our website to see what our 3D printers can do and the prototypes we have made with them…

We work with many different industries, and the fittings and figurines are just a couple of examples of some recent work. But regardless of the industry, product size, type, material, or deadline, our commitment to designing accurate, reliable products remains. It’s at the heart of what we do, answers the blog title question, and further leads me to this week’s Friday Fact…

Canadian Iron Ring

Did you know that many Canadian engineers wear an Iron Ring on their fingers? The tradition dated to 1925 and was introduced following the loss of construction workers on the iron Quebec Bridge. The blame was placed on faulty engineering calculations and miscommunication. As a result, the ring serves as a reminder of engineers’ obligations and ethical standards.

The ring is exclusive to Canadians, and I’m unaware of other similar traditions. I’m ruled out on the engineer ring front, yet I relate to its ethical principles. Our work is done with professionalism. Our communication with clients is clear, and we work with them to design products that meet their needs without compromising on quality. This has been evident again this month with existing clients coming to us with new project briefs.

SolidWorks Design, SolidWorks, Render

CAD Design & Render of Gold Bangle

For the romantics, perhaps you thought our ring fact is linked to the approaching Valentine’s Day. Although we’d happily work on such pieces, we’re not sure there’s an appetite for such rings! Instead, there is hope, as we give away a pair of bespoke chargers we can personalise with imprint initials or messages. Like much of our work, we will create the chargers in-house and send these with chocolates to the lucky winner after the draw on 14 February. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for details on how to participate. In the meantime, please get in touch to find out more about our design and print services.