This is the first in a weekly series of  blog posts (every Friday) where we will share a series of engineering drawings we are calling “Wobbler Engine Plans”. This simple “Wobbler” type engine was originally designed in SolidWorks to demonstrate just a few of the powerful animation capabilities we can use on clients projects.

Having a cool animation for the website is one thing, but making a full set of engineering drawings available is something totally different. This project not only demonstrates the attention to detail WHC put into every design but also the quality of our CAD models and drawings.

Every part has been designed so that it can be machined using conventional or CNC machine tools. We have added details such as lubrication ways, retained bronze bearings and much much more This has not just designed to be an animation, it is a fully functioning air driven engine that can be manufactured. Even though we have not made a prototype of this engine we believe the finished product would work exactly as intended.

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This project has never been made. For that reason, White Horse CAD are not able to offer any warranty or guarantee that the plans can be used to build a working engine.
This series of engineering drawings is intended to demonstrate capability in using SolidWorks. If anyone manufactures a version of this engine White Horse CAD shall not be held responsible for errors or omissions in the drawings



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