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Welcome to this week’s blog. Hopefully everyone has recovered from the recent thrills and spills of the Euros!

Although England didn’t make it on to the winners podium (this time), we enjoyed the tournament. It also got us thinking about the equipment and structures at ceremonies and sporting venues:

Could we improve these designs?

Could we adapt these to make these more cost effective or eye catching?


All being well with restrictions, we are hopeful that events will resume and perhaps organisers will be looking out for different ideas. As a starting point, here is a short video about the services we provide and may provide some inspiration for product design. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas further – 01373 801803.

As well as the highs of the Euros, we also witnessed a low in that people can collapse unexpectedly at any time or place. Research suggests that deploying a defibrillator within 3–5 mins of collapse can produce survival rates as high as 50–70%. Closer to home and we’re proud to show our continued support for our local football club Westbury United. We have a record of sponsoring the club and most recently have helped to upgrade their defibrillator. This lifesaving piece of equipment is now accessible and well protected. You can read more in the White Horse News.

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