Another warm week and we’re thankful our office is pretty airy. We are based at Heywood House, near Westbury, and happy they sell ice-creams during the summer too!

On Monday, White Horse CAD celebrates five years of trading and marks the birthday of Tim’s late mum. It will be a special day, and we thank everyone who supports White Horse CAD and has helped us to reach this milestone.

This includes many returning clients, contacts recommending us, and new clients coming on board regularly. As well as the referrals, we’re also grateful for the testimonials from our clients. We’re confident in our CAD expertise and experience, but it’s always nice to read from those on the receiving end!

Since starting in 2017, White Horse CAD has grown, prompting the move to our current office to accommodate our expanding team and services. We now provide mechanical design services, including photo quality renders and animations, 3D scanning, 3D printing, large format plotting, and more. Our design work spans the full spectrum of industries, including specialist clients from the medical, healthcare, agriculture, electrical, and energy sectors. During our five years of trading, we’ve designed everything from kitchen knives to groundbreaking hip joints and surgical instruments. It’s great to have a variety of work and help bring our clients’ ideas to fruition.

Looking beyond Monday, we will continue to provide the high-quality services we pride ourselves on. If you’d like to learn more about White Horse CAD and discuss your project, please call 01373 801 803. You’ll also find info on our website.

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