Enter the world of 3D printing

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Welcome to this weeks Fun Fact. This week we’re delving into the exciting world of 3D printing. There seems to be endless possibilities to print all sorts from everyday to large scale objects. Do you know the first fully 3D printed electric car was designed in 2014? Following years of design, the 3D printing took about 40 hours to print. This is a fraction of time in comparison to usual manufacturing processes. Could this be the future of car making? We’ll leave you to ponder this thought!

The ‘drive’ behind the design came from an idea to produce more cost effective cars. This is a common rationale for our clients work too. With over forty years engineering experience, we don’t shy away from such challenges. We’re confident with our solutions and our clients testament to this.

3D Printing

On the theme of cars, we are currently using reverse engineering to produce the 3D data for classic cars parts. Replacement parts aren’t available, second hand versions are rare. So this method is a successful way to recreate the part needed. With all our 3D scanning equipment in our office, we provide a highly efficient service and quick turnaround. Please visit our website to find out more the benefits of reverse engineering and 3D printing.

It’s also a busy time for us on the CAD front. We’re currently designing an electronic enclosure for printed circuit boards. With many adjusters and elements on the board, the brief is to design a robust case to protect the parts. Again cost effective manufacturing is at the forefront of the brief. From the initial idea, we talk to our clients throughout the design process, ensuring the concepts are fit for purpose and deadlines are met. Please get in touch to see how we can help bring ideas to fruition.

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