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Replace discontinued parts using 3D Scanning

With Spring in the air, there’s a distinct sound of people taking to their gardens and lawnmowers firing up. Hopefully, you find all your machinery in fine working order.

However, have you ever had the frustration of going to start a job only to realise the equipment is out of order or a part is broken? Hopefully, in most cases it’s repairable.

But sometimes there’s the moment of despair when you discover that vital piece on your trusty, favourite equipment is discontinued. There might be replacements but these aren’t the same! So should you find yourself in this position, our Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning services may be of interest.

Using our top-of-the-range software we can scan the part and provide the CAD data for the obsolete part meaning it can be made.

Our Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning Services are beneficial to numerous clients for one-off or multiple orders:

SolidWorks Design

Reverse Engineering

  • replica automotive parts
  • fixtures on domestic appliances
  • parts on manufacturing machines
  • replacing favorite tools
  • recreating an ornament!

Why use Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning?

This service can be a cost-effective solution in comparison to replacing a whole piece of equipment. Given we have all the scanning technology to hand, we offer can offer a quick turnaround, critical when you’re trying to complete or even just start a job!

To find out more please visit our website or give us a call to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you – 01373 801 803.