Design EvolutionWhere will your next idea take you? The process of Design Evolution can be quite interesting…

We designed a desktop business card holder as a marketing tool to demonstrate not only CAD design but also our 3D printing services at a networking event.

A client at the event said, “That’s really cool, can you make one to hold my mobile phone?”  We like little challenges like this so we made some changes to the CAD model and designed a new version that supports a mobile phone!

“That’s awesome,” said the client! “Do you think you could make one to support a tablet?” Well… I think we just may be able to accommodate that request as well…

We started off with a simple idea for a business card holder to use for marketing and have ended up with a family of products that can be personalised with a name or a logo and are available in a selection of colours… Where will your next idea take you?

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