I am a guest speaker at the BNI Bath Parade meeting this week, where I will be talking about White Horse CAD services. It’s helpful to network with other businesses and seek opportunities for new business as often people think Computer-Aided Design is just for engineering and manufacturing professionals. Although our work is often in this field, our design expertise is also relevant to many others – hence this weeks blog title! Here are just three examples of who benefits from our services:

Architects and planners

3D Prints on a blueprint

We 3D print replica machines and buildings to scale. They’re cost and time-effective compared to physically moving real machines to rework a layout or visualise a site plan.
In need of a large print for the models to sit on?
We can provide that too; full-colour prints up to A1 size are available. WHC can print all sorts of useful things, including office wall planners, drawings, maps, and notices. We also offer same-day delivery – see our website for more info.



Entrepreneurs and creators

We’re increasingly working with entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. We create top-level designs showing basic form and function to help explain their ideas to potential investors.
Our 3D printing is such a helpful way to visual and test prototypes to see how the idea could work. It’s great to work on these projects and develop real products into the market. And this isn’t just commercial ventures. Some are for hobbies and personal interests, such as intricate laser-cut cake display stands.


Jewellery designers

Jewellery render

Using the designer’s sketches we can generate 3D images of the designs. This saves time and money spent on materials before finalising the commission. The designers and recipients of the jewellery alike have been very pleased with the outcome. So much so, they have come back to us with more requests.


Hopefully, these examples give a little insight into some of the work we do. You can find more examples on our website. We’re always up for a design challenge and a conversation to see how we can help so please get in touch on 01373 801803.