For this week’s fact, we are looking at the future of 3D printing. If you haven’t already seen the latest research, here’s an interesting read about 3D print ‘ink’ development. The technology would allow different material properties to be assigned to another print part. From a design perspective, it’s exciting as it would enable rigid and flexible materials together. There’s the potential for 3D printing of 3D objects to be easier and less expensive. So, we’ll watch this space to see how 3D printing advances!

In the meantime, it’s a timely reminder of the benefits of our current 3D printing service:

1. Design validation – 3D models are useful for evaluating your design and making refinements during the development phase if required.

2. Prototypes – using 3D CAD, we produce high-quality prototypes of your design, which are great for testing and getting user feedback.

3. Reduce assembly times – 3D printing can print complex geometrics as one piece rather than building and putting numerous components together.

Phone & Tablet Holder

Our 3d printers can print tiny, detailed parts or larger more robust parts. This can be to manufacture one-off or larger volumes. There are lots of possibilities to explore! This week, we’re working on a request for a replica car component that’s no longer available. If you’d like to find out more, please visit our website or give us a call – 01373 801803.


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