Wobbler Engine Support Bearing

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Today’s blog is the seventh in our series of posts where we share drawings for the White Horse CAD Wobbler Engine. This week we will look at the Wobbler Engine Support Bearing which supports the main shaft.

Next week we will look at the name plate.

Lets look at some one of the support bearings features in a little more detail. If you would like to refer to the PDF engineering drawing, click here…P9999-13103_Rev1

Like the piston bearing this is a relatively simple part but there are some tight tolerances on the inside and outside diameter (H7 and f8). These tolerances are required to ensure there is sufficient clearance between mating parts. If the clearance is too small the parts may not fit together at all or there will be too much friction when the engine runs. If the clearance is too large the finished engine may be noisy and the bearings will most likely wear prematurely.

The undercut feature in Detail B often raises questions. Its purpose is to guarantee there will be no interference between mating parts..

You may notice 2 slot features in the view on the right? Both of these serve a very important purpose. The top slot feature is a lubrication channel that runs for the full length of the bearing. The bottom slot feature is an anti-rotation feature that will stop the bush spinning in the main support when the engine is in motion.

This project has never been made. For that reason, White Horse CAD are not able to offer any warranty or guarantee that the plans can be used to build a working engine.

This series of engineering drawings is intended to demonstrate capability in using SolidWorks. If anyone manufactures a version of this engine White Horse CAD shall not be held responsible for errors or omissions in the drawings

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