Wobbler Engine Piston Block

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Today’s bog is the 10th in our posts, where we share drawings for the White Horse CAD Wobbler Engine. This week we will look at the Wobbler Engine Piston Block.

Next week we will look at the Wobbler Engine Piston Block Stud.

Let’s look at the Wobbler Engine Piston Block in a little more detail. If you would like to refer to the PDF engineering drawing it can be found by clicking here… P9999-11101_Rev 1

The Wobbler Engine Piston Block is a straight forward component. The main feature is the bore which has been dimensioned and toleranced to ensure the piston will run smoothly inside it. You may notice that we have specified a much higher surface finish on the bore compared to the rest of the features. This is to ensure the piston slides freely. We have added a few geometric dimensions that specify the bore must be parallel to the base datum and symmetric about the width datum.

The three round-bottomed grooves on each piston block act as cooling fins. This is important because the engine will be air-cooled, so increasing the external surface area is important to ensure the piston block does not overheat.

This project has never been made. For that reason, White Horse CAD cannot offer any warranty or guarantee that the plans can be used to build a working engine.
This series of engineering drawings is intended to demonstrate capability in using SolidWorks. If anyone manufactures a version of this engine White Horse CAD shall not be held responsible for errors or omissions in the drawings

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