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Following a steady May and numerous bank holidays, June seems to fly by with new projects coming on board. 

We’re providing additional design resources for an overstretched engineering team to help make sure their deadline is met. Using us for Contract CAD makes perfect sense for them as they only pay for the time spent on work as and when required. As we work remotely, they do not need to worry about accommodating us either – another benefit of Contract CAD. We’re also helping to bring some concepts to life for other clients. Due to NDAs, we can’t reveal anything, but it’s great to be working on forward-thinking and creative projects. Here’s an insight into some current work:

  • Design support for the leisure industry
  • Bespoke packaging solutions
  • On-site visit to reverse engineer production equipment
  • Urgent 3D print of a concept for a manufacturing team
  • Concept creation for a medical company

Visit our website for information on our services or call 01373 801803.

Faster 3D printing

A new piece of kit has landed in the office…the Creality K1 3D printer is ultra fast, printing the Benchy with precision in 17mins. We’ve been printing various models, including the Arduino case, to get it up and running. With the new printer, it took just 2.5 hrs – previously, it took 6hrs, a substantial time-saving and greater help for urgent requests. Parts, models, enclosures & prototypes are all options for 3D Printing. See our website for details about 3D Printing.





And we’re in!

Pictured from left to right: Liz (Marketing and Admin), Tim (Managing Director), and Luke (CAD Engineer).

At the start of June, we moved into a larger office called ‘Phipps,’ giving us more space for our growing team, client projects, and CAD equipment. Fortunately, we stay at Heywood House, providing a calm and airy working environment. The office was named after the Phipps family, local merchants who owned Heywood House from 1700 to 1789. 

We look forward to welcoming you.




Helping to inspire the future of engineering

A sunny Saturday in May saw another Soapbox Derby at the Westbury White Horse, with many inspiring entries hurtling down the steepest course in the UK. We provided the engineering drawings for the Westbury and Warminster Youth Club soapbox, so we were delighted to see their model in action. This was a great, practical opportunity for the young students to work through the design and manufacturing process and hopefully inspire them to explore a future in engineering.

Calling all new clients

Another benefit of being located at Heywood House is the delicious homemade treats by Heywood Sweet Temptations. We will send a box of brownies to welcome new clients, a gift not to be missed! Please see the advert for full details and get in touch to discuss your project requirements.


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