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We’re happy to report another successful month for White Horse CAD. We can’t believe our Trainee Luke has been with us for three months and is a real asset to our team. Here’s an insight into the design projects we’re working on:

  • A jig for robotic industrial welding equipment
  • Process equipment for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Animations to demonstrate ideas for orthopaedic professionals
  • Reverse engineering a capstone
  • Bespoke packaging solutions for multiple products

SolidWorks 2023 SPO.1 has landed

Configurable dimensions in a move/copy body in a design table.

SolidWorks has been our primary design software since 1999, so we’re always eager to get our hands on the latest release and understand how it can enhance our work. The newest version launched in late November and was installed within 24 hours.

Here’s Tim Bird, WHC Managing Director’s take on the 2023 SP0.1 software.

‘There are no “show-stopping” additions or changes, but there are some excellent new features and enhancements.

For me, the biggest enhancement is using configurable dimensions in a move/copy body in a design table. You can also drive the dimension values with equations. Before this update, configurable move/copy body dimensions were only achievable after jumping through a few hoops. I think this is the best enhancement of the year.

Creating sheet metal parts symmetrically about a sketched line.

The other enhancement of note is creating sheet metal parts symmetrically about a sketched line.

Not a massive thing for many people, but if you have modelled as many spiral wound springs as me, you will find this feature more than helpful.’

WHC will use SolidWorks 2023 for internal projects until SP1.0 is released and will move over to it as our main version. We will always use whichever version of SolidWorks is the best fit for our clients and can install every version since 2014.

This is just a small selection of what’s new in SolidWorks 2023. To see the complete list, look at SolidWorks – What’s New.



Why choose White Horse CAD

This month we’ve welcomed new clients needing a reliable and creative CAD service. Thank you to those of you who kindly recommend us to your contacts.

Detailed CAD drawing of parts to scale with realistic material finishes

For some, their projects require a new design; for others, it’s to improve an existing part. Whichever the remit, we have the expertise to create effective 2D & 3D design solutions. We have an excellent record of producing accurate engineering drawings and have completed over 6,500!

We are here to guide our clients through the design process from concept to manufacturing. If you are looking for design support, here are reasons to make us your number-one choice for all things CAD!

  • Accurate and solution-driven designs
  • Constructive and knowledgeable advice
  • Flexibility to be an extension of your team or to be your sole designer
  • Reliable documentation of the design process
  • Secure sharing and storage of files
  • Cost-effective service with a per-minute billing system

Visit the WHC website to learn more about our services, or get in touch and speak to us about your requirements.

Helping to inspire the future of engineering

Last summer, we were delighted to support the first Westbury White Horse Soapbox Derby. It was a great community event designed to inspire young people with STEM & showcase the local engineering opportunities.

Up to 18 hand-built carts took part in what’s deemed ‘the steepest and most challenging course in the country.’ So following the event’s success, we’re delighted to support the 2023 soapbox derby.

This time we’re co-hosting with Westbury Town Council, to run workshops for young people to help them design their first-ever soapbox vehicle! We will provide CAD drawings and advice to help with the components choices for their design. We’re excited to see what they will create! The next stage will be to make their soapbox vehicle – please get in touch if you’re interested in making their project a reality. Perhaps it will beat the current course record of 25.79 seconds!

Walking Success

The virtual walk of the Great Wall of China

For those of you who know Tim, you will know he likes a challenge, and this year has been no different. On 1st January 2022, Tim set a goal to walk the length of the Great Wall of China. A total distance of 3513.1 kilometres (2182.94 miles). To achieve this audacious goal, Tim would need to walk an average of 9.63 km (6 miles) daily. 

On Monday, 21st November, Tim completed the challenge 40 days early, walking an average of 10.8 Km  (6.7 Miles) per day. Tim even managed to walk 9 Km a day whilst self-isolating with Covid in February. That was quite a challenge considering he had to walk that distance by walking laps of a small garden. As you can imagine, there was quite a groove in the garden by the time he got out of the house. 

Tim started walking for fitness in February 2021 and has walked an average of 10.4 km every day since, including Christmas Day. This is a total of 6760 Km or 4200.5 miles in 650 days. His walking boots are well-worn but still have plenty of miles left in them. Tim is still looking for a walking challenge for 2023 but would like to take it a bit easier, perhaps 2500 km (1553.4 miles) which is “only” 6.9 km (4.3 miles) a day. He may even take a few days off.  


Christmas opening hours

Thank you to all our clients for their support again this year. We hope you enjoy the festivities over the coming weeks. WHC will close on Friday 23 December, and open on Tuesday 2 January.


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