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So it’s back to work following the Easter break, and we hope you enjoyed the long weekend. If you’ve been to our office recently, the variety of projects we’ve got on with different equipment and packaging here ready for design is evident. That said, we don’t always need the product to hand, and there have been interesting conversations about concepts and improvements to existing products. We continue to receive recommendations for our CAD services, and we thank you for putting in a good word about us! Here’s some insight into recent work that we hope is of interest:

  • The concept for a bespoke architectural water feature for a large public area
  • Reverse Engineering an obsolete automotive component
  • Supply of a 3D printed replacement for an outdated part
  • Design for bespoke orthopaedic and pharmaceutical products
  • Reverse Engineering packaging concepts to allow cost-effective manufacturing

Valuing and building trusted relationships

Tim Bird, White Horse CAD founder, and MD, reflects on his engineering background and the recent introduction to a new client.

I’ve been an engineer for 37 years and was lucky enough to have worked as a sheet metal worker, welder fabricator, and tool maker before I became a design engineer. I may have a broad understanding of how things are made, but I would be foolish to say I know everything about manufacturing.

This month I have been reminded about the value of building relationships with experts in different fields. Having a list of trusted manufacturing partners and collaborators from a massive selection of industries allows White Horse CAD to push the boundaries of design to encompass the latest manufacturing technologies.

A client came to us looking for some engineering drawings for a product they will bring to market in the near future. Before they visited, they had created a design, protected their Intellectual Property, and had prototypes made and tested. They needed to turn their prototypes into a product that could be manufactured cost-effectively. To achieve this, we were required to provide a full suite of manufacturing data, from fully defined engineering drawings to 2D and 3D machine-readable data.

This brings me nicely back to the value of relationships. One of our trusted manufacturing experts introduced the client to us. We initially met the manufacturing expert through a client several years ago. Since then, we have worked together on a wide range of projects. We have been able to recommend them to our clients, and they have likewise recommended us to their clients. This one relationship has helped countless clients on both sides of the equation.

Our working relationship with the manufacturer means we know their processes and limitations. Therefore we can help our new client create meaningful manufacturing data. Still, we will also reduce the number of parts in the system, simplify manufacturing and reduce the final product cost for our client. Through this collaboration, we can reduce the part cost to the client and the design cost. Fewer, simplified parts take less time to create CAD Data for.

This is an excellent example of how building great working relationships with diverse partners benefits us and everyone else the relationship touches. White Horse CAD builds relationships with as many experts as possible to give our clients the best service.”

If you own a manufacturing company, we would like to learn about your process, your limits, and how White Horse CAD can help our clients by creating designs that suit your processes and manufacturing techniques… Please visit the White Horse CAD website to contact us.

Read how White Horse CAD’s experience and expertise provide our clients effective product designs and engineering solutions.

Westbury White Horse Soapbox Derby and Engineering Fair

Following the success of last year’s Soapbox Derby, the event returns on Saturday, 20th, May, at the iconic Westbury White Horse. As one of the most challenging courses in the UK, it looks to be another great event as teams bid to conquer the steep slope. For more info, take a look at the Soapbox website






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